Sordé, Teresa. (2010). Romani Immigrants in Spain. Knocking Down the Walls. Barcelona: Hipatia Editorial. ISBN: 978-84-936743-8-0

Racism is still one of the major social barriers; hence its prevalence reinforces the existing inequalities between the most disadvantaged groups. Among them, the Roma immigrants have become one of the groups facing the worse consequences of racism.

Under the premise of publishing books with the highest scientific quality, the Editorial Hypatia select this work based on the research that the OSCE-ODIHR (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights) requested from Teresa Sordé.

Teresa Sordé, PhD is member of GEDIME (Group for the Study of Immigration and Ethnic Minorities) in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her current study suggests some elements of great scientific importance to the current debate on social sciences, such as the problems that arose because the increase of racist attacks against Roma, as well as the social and political reactions that have been generated in Europe.

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