Giner, Elisenda. (2013). Amistad deseada. Aportaciones de Jesús Gómez y Ramón Flecha que están acercando la realidad a nuestros sueños. Barcelona: Hipatia Editorial. ISBN: 978-84-938226-0-6.

Ramón Flecha and Jesús Gómez had since they were 13 years old a wonderful friendship both in the professional and the personal sphere. Their intellectual contributions and practices are already improving lives and will continue doing so further on their existence. The book ends with these words: The lives and work that we have analyzed here have a great scientific and human value. Scientifically, means that our work will be more valid if we know how to value the friendship among all of us. Humanly, means that we can teach boys and girls that their friendships, if they take care of them, can not only make their own lives extraordinary, but also improve those of the entire humanity.

This biography is not an account out of control of one person. This is the result of a doctoral dissertation the content of which has obtained the maximum qualification after following the rigorous evaluation processes of high international level. It has had three directors, belonging to the University of Massachusetts, UNED and Valladolid. Subsequently, it has gone through the controls of the Department and the doctoral commissions of the Faculty and the University. Finally, it has been evaluated by a board of five members of four different universities, two of them Doctors by Harvard. It is very difficult to unite so much narrative charm with so much scientific thoroughness, but Elisenda Giner Gota has achieved the purpose after many years of effort and thrilling commitment.

Allow me first to congratulate Elisenda Giner Gota for the rigor and the courage of a dissertation fed with enormous passion and so carefully written (Donaldo Macedo, Professor at the University of Massachusetts).

Note from the Publishing house: The Publishing house made a first edition of this publication in 2011, which was limited and with no commercial value. It was a special edition to be distributed among the persons that participated in the research, where refered to or had knowledge on the research topic. That special edition served as the basis to work on what is now the first edition (2013) with commercial value and distribution.

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