de Botton, Lena; Puigvert, Lídia; Thaleb, Fatima. (2004). El velo elegido. Barcelona: Hipatia Editorial. ISBN: 84-7976-027-3

The Velo Elegido, as a profound reflection on the recognition of any cultural minority, as in this case of Muslims, offers arguments that allow the reconstruction of equality “of” and “between” women. Beyond the rejection or the impose of the veil or hijab, the authors write together on the right of all women to the equality of differences, work and education without being discriminated by a different form of dress or religion, looking for the respect that Muslim women have to choose to wear the hijab. Besides the scientific quality and rigor that address this issue, the authors put special emphasis on the transformative potential of the lives and organizations of women who, with or without hijab, claim respect for their decisions while affirm that the “problem” of the hijab is a shift of the real conflict: the inequality between people.

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