Freire, Paulo. (2009). Pedagogía del compromiso. América Latina y Educación Popular. Barcelona: Hipatia Editorial. ISBN: 84-7976-013-3

The collection of texts collected in this book is the reproduction of talks pronounced by Paulo in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. It also collects a work written especially for the people of Nicaragua, based on a very appreciated topic for him (and also for us, as educators): his political concerns as well as his focus on popular education. These writings generated from the talks in four Latin American countries and also one of them written “in the shadow of this tree,” that is, in his desk, in Sao Paulo, brings to us all the eloquence of dreams, and the utopia of Paulo Freire.

In the dialogic circles or in its space of passionate, coherent, and humanizing reflections and for the sake of the humanization of the popular classes, often expropriated from their most basic rights, Paulo Freire exposes all his belief in the people and also in a better and more democratic World.

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